Arizona Family Law Mediation - Alternative solutions for divorce and child custody disputes
Are you facing a separation, divorce, or a child custody issue?  Do you have a complicated situation including a same-sex marriage with children, or family owned business?  Let an experienced Arizona mediator save you money and time while reducing the stress caused by your family law dispute.  You do not need to hire an attorney or even go to court to settle your case. 
Holly E. Wertz is a certified family law mediator who is also an Arizona licensed attorney focusing on family law matters. Holly's expertise and experience as a family law attorney provides you with invaluable knowledge and resources while guiding you through the mediation process.
Our office provides you with an opportunity to create a personalized solution to fit your unique situation and needs without costly court involvement. 
Contact our office today to start working towards a less stressful, out of court solution.  Schedule your first mediation appointment today.
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